Dear Dr Rahul Shinde

I am pleased to write this email to you, as my sincere thanks for the wonderful treatment you provided to me for my injuries.
I came to see you in Feb 2010 after sustaining a broken leg. I was first attended by a doctor at a more prominent Hospital, but I was not satisfied with his diagnosis. I knew that my leg would have ended up wrongly if I had continued treatment with him. I am very glad that I found Dr Rahul Shinde who solved my problems. I am now phyisically fit with no lasting damage from my injuries. I am able to wear high hills without any problem.
I am grateful to you not only for your medical expertise, but also for your emotional support throughout the treatment. I appreciate the fact that you were very patient and helped to calm me prior to the surgery as I was quite nervous. You followed up with me consistently to ensure that everything was progressing as intended. You made the entire ordeal as positive as possible and for that I thank you.

With Sincerest Thanks,
Beatrice J. Mkoma

Beatrice J. Mkoma


Almost 14 months back, on 3rd Dec 2009, I met with a major accident, on a hill while going for a morning walk. Tibia and fibula bones of my left leg were badly broken and bottom part i.e leg& feet (6 inches above ankle) were literally hanging.
I was admitted to one of the reputed Orthopaedic Clinic where the Orthopaedic Surgeon performed a surgery to insert metal rod to join the fracture .We were informed that surgery was successful & everything is well on track. After discharge, there was heavy pus formation, in the wound, which was removed by Dr from time to time assuring us that every-thing will be fine shortly .But I never felt comfortable & my feet was swelling and paining .
However, my family Doctor realised that it is unusual happening & advised me to consult Dr. Rahul Shinde for second opinion .On examination ,Dr.Shinde realised that I had developed a secondary infection in the wound. Dr.Shinde administered medicines & kept a close watch twice a week, to ensure the infection is cured in a month’s time. Had I not gone to him in time, I might have lost my feet.
In the X-rays, it was also revealed that my bone is not healing, even though 3 months passed . I was still on walker & unable to do any work without assistance .Dr. Shinde advised me a small surgery to remove one top screw on the rod & fix the same at bottom portion & make a use of brace so that I can put weight on the feet & by natural action ,the bone would start healing.
Based on my earlier unpleasant experiences ,I was reluctant for even such minor surgery. I consulted another 2 reputed Orthopaedic Surgeons in City, was advised bone grafting. Dr. Shinde categorically disagreed & informed me that only as last option, bone grafting should be done. After this minor Surgery & putting brace ,I was advised to put pressure on the feet & start walking with walker. So after 4 months ,I started attending my business & able to walk with walker. Almost after 40 days ,he advised to remove the walker & I was finally on my feet, though with a brace. I became independent to carry day-to-day work & even climb steps.
X-rays in this period were revelling that fracture was healing but at much faster rate than before & it would take 6-8 months for complete recovery. Here again Dr. Shinde recommended me to use ultra-sound machine(Exogen) which had a good success rate for non-healing fractures, so that my recovery would be faster.

It was a new technique scarely used in India but was practiced in European countries & Dr. Shinde ,was fully abreast with such new technology . By this time, so much of trust was developed on his diagnosis & updated knowledge , that I immediately started using the machine.
He was carefully monitoring my health all along & further X-rays showed that bone started healing rapidly & after 90 days of use & after almost 11 months, my fracture was completely healed.
I am completely fit now. The credit of saving my feet and also making me normal in 11 months goes to Dr.Rahul Shinde. Myself & my family is indebted to him for the selfless manner in which he gave me very economical treatment with correct diagnosis & medicines.
Unfortunately, my mother aged 74 years also fractured her foot near fingers few months back & She is also fine after receiving right treatment from Dr. Shinde. Luckily this time we went to right Dr on first day! So she was saved from old age problems / pains and was back to work in 8 weeks time....
It is often said-the medical field is becoming business & very less attention paid to offer cost-effective treatment to the patient. But there are still GOOD DOCTORS LIKE RAHUL SHINDE who care only for patients & not for their own pocket.

Hemant Masodkar.